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Unemployment plays a huge part in Australian poverty, with over 700 thousand people out of work.1 As rejection letters pile up, many people are left feeling hopeless.

CAP Job Clubs support jobseekers gain the tools, skills and confidence to step back into employment. Our combined practical and emotional support is what makes our service such a significant service.

1. Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2017

What CAP provides

CAP will provide training and ongoing support for your church. This includes materials to run our eight-week interactive Steps to Employment course covering topics such as identifying strengths, CV writing and interview techniques. 


Quotes from members

'I was very disappointed in myself about not getting work. I always find it difficult to put words together to write a cover letter. I learnt how to put the letter together and what words to use. The coaches have always believed in us and I've enjoyed the one to one support they have given. I have been given more time that I received in other job support agencies.'

- Angela

'My favourite session was the interviews. I realised that I wasn't the only person who struggled with getting work.'

- Yuri

'I was negative about getting work, I was annoyed and cranky. Struggled to get interviews. I learned skills to prepare for writing resumes. My confidence has increased. I've been challenged about thinking better of myself and realise I am precious. I now know how to present myself to employers and tell them why I want that job.'

- Charlene



To find out more about how your church can be involved in running a CAP Job Club call 02 4914 0503 or complete the form below.

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