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Finance and Corporate Services Director

Applications close Friday 25 October.

Job Description


This job description outlines the key accountabilities of, and output required from, the post holder. It is not a definitive list and the role may well change and evolve over time.


Department:     Finance and Corporate Services

Location:            Level 1 451 Hunter Street, Newcastle NSW

Reports to:        CEO

Direct Reports: Finance and Office Administrator, Policy and Compliance Manager, IT Manager and Research, Development and Innovation Manager.

Hours:                 37.5 Hours per week

Other Benefits: Holiday – 5 weeks per year (Pro-rated for Part-Time Staff)

Various paid Revive Days (away days) throughout the year

Access to Fringe Benefits

Flexi - Time       



Christians Against Poverty has a vision to equip a movement of churches that serves and includes the poor whilst confidently proclaiming Jesus. Through debt help services CAP works to show those living under the weight of debt and poverty that there is always hope. Our debt help service involves holding client assets. Through the CAP Money Course CAP equips the church with an answer for bringing financial wellbeing. The continued success of our work rests on a bedrock of vital background functions, all of which fall under the remit of this important role:


·       Charity Finances - accurate financial planning, budgeting, accounting and reporting

·       Client Assets – ensuring clients’ assets are protected in full compliance with ASIC and AFSA regulations

·       Charity Compliance - the board require solid delivery of compliance with all charity regulation, and other regulatory frameworks, and an appropriate approach to risk

·       Information Technology – innovation and expansion of systems to best serve the charity to achieve its vision

·       Facilities & Infrastructure - the physical maintenance of the working environment

·       Research, Development and Innovation – most new projects need an element of research, development and innovation, the resource is used across the charity to bring innovation and best practice to priority projects



The purpose of the role is to ensure that this bedrock remains solid and stable through a combination of clear strategies of leadership, management, risk management and innovation.


You will ensure CAP keeps abreast of all ACNC regulation and ensure CAP complies with all industry good practice.


This varied and challenging role demands someone with a strong track record in robust reporting systems, financial systems, forward planning and process delivery.



You are extremely passionate about providing an excellent service to our multitude of internal and external stakeholders.



You are dedicated, enthusiastic and take a professional approach to your work. You are honest, and take integrity seriously, you are passionate about supporting the charity in such a way that it flourishes.



Financial Leadership & Management

·       To develop, recommend and implement financial strategies, business plans and policies to meet the current and future needs of the charity in liaison with Senior Leadership and the Board.

·       To provide strategic leadership and delivery around the financial elements of short and long-term planning – this will include future finance modelling of income and expenditure to assist the Senior Leadership Team make informed decisions on strategy.

·       To be responsible for building 3-5-year budget projections.

·       To lead on the annual budget setting process; working with managers to prepare the detailed annual budget.

·       To ensure that timely, financial management reporting to the charity occurs, enabling the CEO, Directors and department Heads to clearly manage their budgets and make clear financial decisions.

·       To analyse trends and feed this back to the Senior Leadership team to help steer strategy and operational decisions.

·       To ensure that all legal and regulatory requirements are met relating to the keeping of accounts and safeguarding of records.

·       To ensure the charity’s operational compliance with ASIC and other relevant government authorities, maintaining a strong, collaborative relationship with senior contacts within ASIC.

·       To develop suitable accounting systems, processes and staff to meet the needs of the charity in an accurate, timely, secure and reliable manner.

·       To maintain a good investment policy considering risk and gains.

·       To undertake a detailed analysis (including immediate and delayed implications) of potential service price points to help inform strategic decisions.

·       To help in the building of project budgets for grant applications, play an active part in presenting financial data for grant applications and be responsible for the acquittal at the end of completed projects.

·       To use the financial statements produced by the Finance and Office Administrator to present key findings and analysis for the CAP Board on a regular basis (currently monthly) including dashboard reporting.

·       To build relationship and open communication with the Director of Finance at CAP UK and other CAP countries, ensuring regular contact and creating opportunities for shared learning.

·       To liaise with CAP UK regarding the CAP International levy payment and to be responsible for holding the negotiation and understanding of what is included in this payment.



·       Provide leadership, management and oversight to the Finance and Office Administrator as they seek to provide a safe, pleasant and effective working environment ensuring adherence to WHS regulations.

·       Provide leadership in lease agreement negotiations and forward planning in providing the right office environment for the CAP head office team.

·       Provide leadership in the negotiation of car lease agreements as required.


Governance, Compliance, Policy and Risk

·       To oversee all areas of external compliance required of the charity, by leading key teams and individuals tasked with ensuring the charity complies with all relevant legal and regulatory frameworks.

·       Ensure all state and territory fundraising registrations are kept accurate and up to date.

·       Ensure DGR status is maintained.

·       Ensure compliance with all taxation requirements.

·       To lead on risk management for the charity, ensuring an appropriate strategy is adopted and an up to date risk register held and regularly reviewed.

·       Ensure effective and appropriate insurance is held to cover the charity’s activities, assets, volunteers and trustees.

·       Management and leadership of the Policy and Compliance Manager in their day to day tasks and project planning.


Information Technology (IT)

·       IT innovation, assessing current systems and overseeing project scoping, planning and implementation with both internal and external agencies.

·       Liaising with the UK IT Team on their future plans for system development and innovation and making appropriate plans for collaboration on agreed products.

·       Management and leadership of the IT Manager in their day to day tasks and project planning.


Research, Development and Innovation (RDI)

·       Leading a culture of excellent project management across the charity.

·       Management and leadership of the RDI Manager in their day to day tasks and project planning.

Teams & Culture

·       Lead the team in such a way that CAP’s values are vividly on display.

·       Grow and develop team members to excel in their technical ability and in their management of both people and process.


Senior Leadership Team

·       Provide charity wide leadership.

·       Be a leader in CAP’s cultural values.

·       Provide input into key strategic decisions for the charity.

·       Work effectively with other senior leaders to ensure the overall charity strategy and vision is achieved.


Measurable Outputs:

·       Strategic planning budgets delivered according to strategic planning deadlines.

·       Monthly management accounts issued by the required dates.

·       Accurate year end accounts leading to a satisfactory audit report.

·       Robust systems in place to ensure the integrity and safety of both the charity’s and clients’ assets.

·       All legal reporting requirements met by the required dates (FBT tax return, ACNC report, annual financial report).

·       Budget expenditure for the Finance and Corporate Services team.



·       Clearly live out and embrace the cultural values of CAP.

·       Clearly demonstrate a heart and passion for the charity.


Other responsibilities include

·       Being willing to pray with staff.

·       To encourage friends, family and other contacts to support the charity through the Life Changer program, and other fundraising initiatives.








·       Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Accounting or Business Management




·       Chartered Accountant



·       Essential

o   At least 5 years Leadership and Management experience within a finance/accountancy environment.

o   Experience doing finance modelling as part of a strategic planning process.

o   Experience of leading teams to meet key objectives or targets.

o   Experience of project management.


·       Desirable

o   Experience of contributing to the strategic planning process of an organisation.

o   Experience of demonstrating compliance with AFSA and ASIC regulations.

o   Experience of report-writing and/or drafting professional documents.

o   Experience of providing leadership within a compliance setting.

o   Experience of providing IT leadership and oversight.





·       A strategic thinker, able to plan and forecast with an exceptional level of organisational awareness.

·       Able to hold a good balance between detail and the 'big picture'.

·       A love for detail and excellence.

·       Ability to implement legislation and best practice in line with CAP's culture.

·       Ability to project manage and meet deadlines.

·       Ability to use technology to pioneer the processes and practices required from this department.

·       Excellent numeracy skills.

·       Good strategic insight and understanding of organisational aims.

·       Mature approach to senior level teamwork, with a positive attitude towards collaborative working.

·       Understanding of relevant legal issues e.g. regulatory compliance, data protection, and charity law, and being able to clearly advise on these issues.


Christian Commitment:

·       The candidate must be able to give both verbal assent to and practical demonstration of Christians Against Poverty’s Statement of Faith and Core Values.

·       Must be able to actively participate in prayer and worship, whether individual, small group or corporately, as an expression of own personal faith and in line with CAP’s Statement of Faith.

Please send expressions of interest addressing the essential criteria and accountabilities to
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