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CAP doesn’t give grants or financial gifts to individuals. If you have been approached privately by someone offering such assistance, this is likely to be a scam. If unsure, please email CAP directly info@capaust.org to clarify if the message is authentic.

Our partner in the USA have seen scams like these occur, however we are not aware this has happened in Australia.

No, CAP does not give any money to clients to help pay their debts. All of the money that is used to pay off client debt comes from the clients themselves. We work intensively with clients to help them to live within their means and to repay their own debts.

No problem, we can amend your budget and your regular payments into the CAP Account as many times as is required. We are also happy to renegotiate with creditors if this becomes necessary.

No. We do not charge for any help or advice we give. The operation of the CAP Account and associated services is also provided FREE of charge.

We do, however, give clients the opportunity to support the work of CAP and so help another family in need. We have found that the act of giving can break through a poverty mentality, and so bring about great change in personal circumstances. However, there is no obligation on any client to give and we will provide the same service to all, regardless of whether they choose to give or not.

CAP is funded primarily by donation. We do not receive any Government funding, although this may be sought in the future. Our donors (called Life Changers) are mainly individuals, businesses, and clients who share our vision of helping the poor and needy of this country by assisting them to work their own way out of debt. Our philosophy is to have a lot of people, each giving a little, on a regular basis.

Our CAP client trust account generates a small amount of interest. This money is used to pay for some of the bank fees associated with running this CAP client trust account.

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Because we are Christians who want to reach out in love to those who are poor and needy, just as we know God wants us to do.

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