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With a small donation and a leap of faith, John started Christians Against Poverty in 1996.

In his hometown of Bradford, United Kingdom, John began helping people crippled by debt; parents who couldn't feed their kids, families facing eviction and desperate people living in fear and without hope. Having experienced poverty himself, John decided to give up his career in finance. He began using his skills to negotiate with creditors, set up budgeting systems and offer a lifeline to those trapped in debt.

Working through local churches, CAP grew rapidly in the UK and expanded globally. 

In 2000, CAP Australia was launched!

Since then we've helped over 3000 Aussie's become debt free.

We’re passionate about working with local churches to release people across Australia from the crushing weight of debt, poverty and its causes — into a life filled with hope and freedom.

CAP has grown into a movement of thousands of Christians and churches — will you join with us today, as we stand united against poverty in our nation?

"To see thousands of lives changed every year is truly wonderful. I do believe that God has given us a 21st Century answer to one of the most pressing social needs within society today. Jesus met people's needs with love, compassion and practical help. Our desire is to simply do the same and watch the miracles unfold." - John Kirkby, Founder and International Director

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