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Left homeless, Robyn and her young son had to sleep on trains.  

Robyn and her son, James, were forced to move without much notice. They spent a lot of times sleeping in the car and sometimes even on trains. James would get up at 4am to go to school, often without breakfast. The stress of it all consumed every waking thought. Robyn broke down bit by bit, and ended up in a medically induced coma for a month.

Since working with CAP, their life has changed a lot. Robyn’s health is a lot better without the stress and she now has a new outlook on life.  She doesn’t worry about whether she can pay the bills since CAP helped her manage her finances and become debt free.

One day, a local church gave Robyn an incredible gift - a much needed car! After receiving the car, James suggested they should pray about it and God started talking to him and saying that they should go to church. Robyn and James now feel a great sense of hope and are excited knowing that God is with them.

“On Sunday my mum and I went to church and we got saved. We started going every Sunday and soon after we said we wanted to get baptised. When we got baptised, I heard God say to me ‘I’m proud of you for getting to know me.” - James

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