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As Mia waited for her husband to return from work, the heartbreaking fear became a reality. 

Mia's husband didn't come home. She was now left to single-handedly struggle to hold her family of three young girls together. Despite being part of a caring church, embarrassment caused by her divorce, and mounting financial pressure forced Mia to hide the dire extent of her circumstances. Some days Mia couldn’t even afford to buy milk with friends assuming that her ex-husband was still taking care of her. After several years of sleepless nights and depression, plus the ever-increasing phone calls from debt collectors, Mia’s resilience began to fail. 

She heard about CAP through her local counsellor and made the call. Mia describes CAP’s assistance in her life as being like someone holding her hand. With a budget and a savings plan established, and with calls from creditors no longer a threat, Mia’s outlook on life for herself and her daughters has changed. Not a moment during the process left her feeling out of control. Now that she is debt free, Mia is looking forward to being able to buy Christmas presents for her daughters from her own savings account.

'Before CAP I felt like I was pushing a massive boulder up a hill and there was no-one behind me. No-one.' - Mia

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