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A severe medical condition turned Harriet’s world upside down.

The discovery of a spinal cord lesion left Harriet wheelchair bound and in and out of ICU for 18 months battling severe pain. Life began to take its toll on Harriet and her partner, Leon. They began using credit cards to pay for even the basics. With Harriet out of work, and with interest mounting, they couldn't see a way out.

Harassment from creditors meant the young couple were afraid to answer the phone and the door, and started ignoring everybody. After seeing the CAP brochure on the notice board at their local GP, the couple decided to call CAP that same day.

They didn’t think they could afford it. It was a relief when CAP told them the service is completely free. The Debt Coach was so friendly and optimistic. Leon and Harriet felt their home brighten on the first visit.

Since working with CAP, Leon and Harriet no longer receive phone calls or letters from creditors and their budget means they don’t live beyond their means. Life is significantly less stressful, and they can live without the anxiety and depression of overwhelming debt.

“We will be debt free and able to start afresh. We hope to one day own a home and continue our lives without the burden of debt hanging over our heads.” - Leon

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