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Nine months pregnant and homeless, Kim was forced to sleep in her car.

Kim’s partner was a drug addict who abandoned her and her four children, leaving them with no money and no other financial support. Kim was pregnant with her fifth child and was in danger of losing her other children to government care as she struggled to feed her family and keep a roof over their heads. With nowhere to turn for support, Kim was eventually left homeless with her 19 year old son refusing to leave her, but instead choosing to sleep in the car that was their only home.

In desperation, Kim pushed back thoughts of suicide and called Christians Against Poverty. From the first moment her CAP support worker, Heather, met with her, Kim felt a comfort and a peace. She moved into accommodation before giving birth to her son, Logan. She began going to church with Heather, and immediately felt the care and support she so desperately needed. The people at the church became her family. Kim soon made the decision to follow Jesus. This decision did not just transform her life in an indescribable way, but also the lives of three of her children who followed in making similar decisions. Kim became debt free in 2015.

'Before CAP, I wanted to die... Now I just say "Thank you CAP, thank you Jesus!"' - Kim

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