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Despite good jobs and incomes, Craig and Libby struggled to make ends meet.

With four teenage children actively involved in high level representative sports often involving travel and financial commitments, Craig and Libby found their financial responsibilities stretching. Creditors were calling and they didn’t know what to do other than try and shield their children from it. Craig and Libby first heard about CAP when they began attending the Rock Community Church in their local area. 

The church was promoting Christians Against Poverty so the couple made the brave decision to call and get their finances under control. From the very first visit from the Support Worker who came to their home, Craig and Libby felt more confidence in their decision. Their children became more aware of decisions as a family to cut back on spending, and one of their children even completed the CAP Money education course for youth. Craig, Libby and their children also have a new and growing faith in Christ which they believe is amplifying their traditional spirituality as Aboriginal people. They became debt free in 2014.

'For us as aboriginal people, boomerangs and spears are the traditional tools. Budgeting and savings are the boomerangs and spears of today.' - Craig

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