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Ali's pregnancy caused extreme illness, leading to a desperate financial situation.

After leaving her job and a nursing degree, Ali couldn’t cope with the stress and couldn’t get out of bed. Ali and her partner, Ben, only had one wage but the bills kept coming.

They didn’t really understand how to manage money; and would overspend. They suffered sleepless nights and anxiety attacks. Before they had their first visit with CAP, Ali didn't know how CAP would be able to help, ‘I kept going through the numbers again and again and felt hopeless.’

But Danielle, their CAP Debt Coach, showed compassion and was so easy to talk to. Ben and Ali kept in contact over the years while their CAP Caseworker handled their finances. The Caseworker was polite and understanding and made the couple feel secure and cared for.

When Ben and Ali started working with CAP, it was the beginning of healing and they started coming closer to God. Now they have the peace of mind that they will be debt free when their baby daughter, Sienna, starts school.

“We have hope, hope and more hope! A weight is lifted from our shoulders; it all began when we started working with CAP.” - Ali

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