Will you join us in helping more families, 
like Josh and Corinne, put food on the table 
and find freedom from debt?

So much of the poverty and need in our nation exists behind closed doors. 
Like it did for Josh and Corinne. 

Unseen. Unspoken. Unimaginable.  


Watch Josh & Corinne's story:



"It's a terrible feeling choosing not to pay a bill
so that you're able to eat that week."


As Corinne stopped work to have their first baby, Josh got news he and 60 other carpenters had been made redundant and it was impossible for Josh to find work. 

“Suddenly we went from two well-paying jobs to no income and a newborn.” 

Desperate to provide for his growing family, Josh started to work for himself, but it wasn’t enough to cover their day-to-day costs. With bills and debt piling up, it was a daily struggle for Josh and Corinne to figure out how they were going to buy bread or milk or nappies. 

"I stopped by the side of the road one day thinking 'how can we buy food tonight'. That's when I decided to call Christians Against Poverty."

(Pictured Above: Corinne, Lorelai, Josh & Eloise)


"As soon as we started working with CAP,
everything started to feel a lot better.
We started to feel like we could breathe again."

The money donated through this appeal helps us to open doors. Doors that are still firmly closed by overwhelming shame, anxiety and fear caused by debt and poverty. Your donation will bring hope for the thousands of other Aussie families who still need the same hope that Josh and Corinne found through CAP. 

Your generosity this EOFY will do more than change lives, it will change generations. Like Josh and Corinne’s beautiful daughters — Eloise and Lorelai — who are now growing up with food on their table and with happy, DEBT FREE parents who are teaching them the skills to stay free from debt and poverty. 

"Thank you to everyone who is able to contribute to CAP, 
it does more than just help people become debt free.
When you give to CAP you're giving people back their lives"
- Josh


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