A Picture of Debt in Australia

A Picture of Debt in Australia

A harsh reality

13.9% of Australians are living below the poverty line. That's over 2.5 million families. There is currently over $31 billion in personal credit card debt, and the count continues to rise. 17.7% of children are also living below the poverty line. That’s millions of Australians, billions of dollars’ worth of debt and the weight of their struggles prevents many from finding a fulfilling life. 

What Christians Against Poverty sees every day is the ability to connect with thousands of Australians who would otherwise be doing it tough on their own. With over 8,000 enquiries to our help line every year, we know that poverty is real and present in our homes today. CAP also knows that one of the biggest factors limiting Australians from making that next step is anxiety and fear. 

On average, every week CAP calls 400 clients and picks up the phone over 13,000 times. That’s 679,000 calls a year where the average call time is 10 minutes. This totals 113,000 hours every year for our dedicated team, on the phone, helping out people who would otherwise be isolated and alone.

It’s easy to see these statistics as just that, a number on a page. The reality is that each of these numbers is a person, it’s a family, it’s a neighbour and a friend. These numbers represent Australians doing it tough. What is even more alarming is that these numbers are only the people we are currently helping through our services. There are many more Australians out there that don’t have access to our services, feeling isolated and hopeless.

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