Building Relationships

Building Relationships

We talk to Murray about his role in Queensland

This week, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Murray to learn more about his heart for Queensland and how he looks forward to a debt free future for Aussies doing it tough.

What is your role as part of CAP?

I have been working with CAP for a few months now as the Church Partnership Manager here in Queensland. My day to day is predominately talking to pastors and sharing how Christians Against Poverty can partner with them and see the vision of the church lifted to where they want it to be! I love seeing local communities served by their local church and I believe with CAP we can see that in greater ways, ways that only the church can provide.

There are two ways that people are prevented from responding to hope, that is through their health and through finance. When I found out about CAP and how they are working with struggling Aussies to remove that financial burden, it resonated with me and I knew I needed to be a part of it.

How do you see CAP influencing churches in Australia? 

CAP is there to come alongside the vision of the Church. We are able to do this by resourcing and equipping the church to have a greater reach into their communities, extending their reach and giving the church greater exposure.

Many churches have fantastic evangelistic outreach programs, I see many running foodbanks or clothing stalls to try and help out families in the area. I love that these churches have a heart to invite in the impoverished and broken into their community to be supported and to receive a helping hand. I think of CAP as a ministry, not to replace the services that the church already does so well, but to serve as a booster to the great things the church is already doing! It’s not a matter of having one or the other, it’s about how you can use CAP to benefit those that are struggling in a more comprehensive way.

What difference have you seen in churches across Queensland from before they have had a CAP service to after they opened up?

In Queensland there is this movement of renewal. There is this movement that is casting aside this mindset that debt is something you can be comfortable in, that you have to live with, that it’s normal. CAP is definitely a huge part of changing that mindset and teaching people how to be good stewards of their finance.

What are you hopeful for in the Queensland area?

What I've experienced is that at the end of the day, the church is the hero; CAP can give them the cape, the costume, the powers and point them in the direction of trouble. It’s the church that is bringing a message of hope and freedom. I can definitely see in the south Brisbane area a huge season of growth for Debt Centres, especially in those lower socio-economic areas where it is needed most. 

What would you say to a church that is interested in partnering with CAP?

I look forward to each day that I can see another church put up their hand and say that they want to partner with us. I look forward to every church wanting to be a city on a hill and serve their community in a way only they know how, and not easily be forgotten. 

We aren't changing the system or re-inventing the wheel, we are providing a proven way to lift people out of burden and isolation and seeing them set free.

CAP is not the hero, the church is the hero and we want to be able to see them equipped to change lives and set people free from debt.

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