Let’s talk Unemployment

Let’s talk Unemployment

Job Clubs and building a supportive community

With Australian unemployment rates on the rise, CAP is not just going to stand still and see more Aussies get into debt! Job Clubs is a brand new program by Christians Against Poverty and is already seeing a great influence on communities through passionate churches.

'I was negative about getting work, I was annoyed and cranky. Struggled to get interviews. [With CAP Job Clubs] I learned skills to prepare for writing resumes. My confidence has increased. I've been challenged about thinking better of myself and realise I am precious.'

- Charlene

It’s because of the unequalled love that the church can provide that Australia is able to see success for those who might be desperately seeking employment and a hope for the future. With six clubs already operating around the country,  hope is being restored to unemployed Australians who were otherwise discarded and told they wouldn't be able to find purpose. 

'My favourite session was the interviews. I realised that I wasn't the only person who struggled with getting work.'

- Yuri

The great news is that 50 people found positive growth and connection because of Job Clubs in the past six months, and already four people have found full time employment!

CAP is working with local churches to help Aussies find work! CAP Job Clubs is a brand new program with three components: community, course and coaching. The community vibe gives job seekers a safe place to connect with others looking for work, while the course and coaching get people job-ready, as they work through resumes, identifying strengths and more! 

'The coaches have always believed in us and I've enjoyed the one to one support they have given. I have been given more time than what I received in other job support agencies.'

- Angela

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